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Seaport Association’s “Docktails & Oysters”

Saturday, June 8, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

The Seaport Association’s signature event on the dock at Copps Island Oysters by Norm Bloom and Son, a fourth-generation oyster farm in Norwalk. This seaside, fun-filled event for gourmands will get you in an “aloha state of mind” as you see folks in brightly colored Hawaiian shirts, listening to live beach music, sipping cocktails, and slurping the freshest oysters you will ever taste! If you have never had oysters, literally fresh off the boat, this is an unforgettable opportunity to eat your fill of them! It’s fun to watch the pros shuck the oysters before your eyes (they make it look so easy) and set them on trays with lemons and an assortment of sauces. An added bonus is the opportunity to explore the dock at Norm Bloom Oysters and Son, one of the few remaining traditional oyster farms in the U.S., to learn how oysters are grown and harvested. Norwalk oysters are prized worldwide and known for their sweet briny flavor and plump meat. Information and tickets at

Copps Island Oysters by Norm Bloom & Son. (7 Edgewater Place).