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The Norwalk Conservatory of the Arts

The Norwalk Conservatory was developed by Broadway and Television / Film Creatives for those students who are ready to work in the industry but require some additional training and the connections needed to excel in this career. Our curriculums are built to consolidate a traditional four year undergraduate program into two years of intense training and a two year graduate program into one year.

The Norwalk Conservatory of the Arts was founded in 2018 by Danny & Ricky Loftus George. The idea was to create a conservatory that understood the unique problems modern students face while trying to actively pursue education and performance at the same time. NoCo is focused on keeping students performing while taking up less time to pursue their education in their chosen field. As of today, NoCo has held intensives at various locations all over the country, and is dedicated to opening it’s doors in 2023 for the Norwalk Community.

Contact Information

130 West Norwalk Road, Norwalk, Connecticut 06850