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Sono Kimono

Sono Kimono offers vintage Kimonos, Haori jackets, Obi belts, and accessories, as well as Group or Private kimono lessons and rentals.

During the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, its founder Robyn was unable to work full-time, and wanted to get back into a hobby that sparked joy for her when she was younger. She began to study how to wear and style kimonos with a licensed kimono teacher in Japan.

Exploring the depth and breadth of the history and culture of kimono, Robyn knew she would want to share these beautiful garments with others. This hobby quickly evolved into a business that includes teaching how to properly wear kimono, but also how to pair pieces with western clothing that is both stylish and culturally sensitive.

To view Sono Kimono’s online store and schedule of presentations and lessons in and around Norwalk, please visit

Contact Information

15 Kendall Court, Norwalk, Connecticut 06850