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Sexton Lighting Design

Sexton Lighting Design

Sexton Lighting Design was founded in 2000 after the venerable Sexton Electric Supply in Norwalk CT. was sold to a larger firm. Lighting fixtures and supplies were Sexton's major commodity to schools, hospitals, municipalities, and commercial property management firms. Realizing that the lighting industry was becoming more fluid with more energy efficient products such LED that the need was there for both the expertise in these products and their proper implementation to maximize energy efficiency and accomplish both the amount of light level required as well as the desired effect. From office buildings to restaurants and from Parks and open public spaces to elite product retailers and manufactures SEXTON LIGHTING DESIGN has sent the standard for modern lighting design and practices. Please see our client list and we invite you to reach out to them as testimony of our pursuit of excellence in all we do.

Contact Information

294 Newtown Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06851