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Rabbit Ears Entertainment, LLC

A good story can take a child on a voyage into the imagination and change a life forever. Combining today's brightest stars with top musicians, we at Rabbit Ears Entertainment, LLC are committed to restoring the lost art of storytelling through our videos, books, and audio recordings. The result is award-winning entertainment that's as enjoyable for adults as it is for children. Believing that quality entertainment can inspire children with an appreciation for literature, art and music, Mark Sottnick and Doris Wilhousky established Rabbit Ears from their kitchen table in 1985 and began work on the first production, The Velveteen Rabbit, at the Palace Production Center in South Norwalk, Conn. Sixty-three titles later, in the mid-1990s, Rabbit Ears changed hands, and the beloved library of books, videos and CDs fell out of active distribution, although word-of-mouth praise for the programs kept them in circulation via the World Wide Web. Then, in the year 2000, Chris Campbell, one of the original Rabbit Ears creative partners and investors, regained control of the assets and together with founders Mark and Doris, set in motion the re-birth of Rabbit Ears, now known as Rabbit Ears Entertainment, LLC. Today the children's entertainment company is once again based within its original home at the Palace Production Center, the production studio in South Norwalk, Conn., where the story began so very long ago. Campbell and Sottnick, now co-executive producers, are working on producing new titles for the Rabbit Ears library, the first of which, "Tom Thumb," was released as an audiobook and DVD early in 2008. A book version is soon to follow.

Contact Information

29 North Main Street, Norwalk, Connecticut 06854