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Pulse X

Pulse X Fitness LLC

At Pulse X Fitness, I prioritize the importance of incorporating stretching into your daily routine. My "FLEX" assisted stretch sessions are designed to enhance your overall health and well-being significantly. Whether you're an elite athlete, office worker, traveler, or a fan of binge-watching shows, increased flexibility through stretching positively impacts individuals of all lifestyles and ages. Embrace the power of stretching and experience improvements in your day-to-day activities. Each 45-minute session is dedicated to your specific needs, providing a personalized one-on-one experience in the comfort of your home or office. Join me and discover how great you can feel when you add stretching to your life!

In addition to assisted stretching, we also provide the opportunity to experience Xfinity Burnout, an exhilarating outdoor group workout. This unique program combines a full-body bootcamp with the option to either walk or run through a variety of scenic loops. These group bootcamps are organized as pop-up sessions, available when the weather allows.

Contact Information

16 Knapp Street Norwalk, CT 06854