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Pulse X Fitness LLC

Our mission is to help people change their lives by instilling in them a love for fitness through fun and motivating workouts. When clients enjoy working out, it will become something they look forward to. We have something for everyone, everywhere. Classes are streamed live from all different locations. All classes are for all fitness levels, where you will push, pull, sweat, and burn your way to a healthier you! There is truly something for everyone at XPF! You can choose to workout privately, with a group, at home or anywhere you have an internet connection via zoom.

Live Online Fitness Burnout Classes
It is a 30 to 45 minute live online workout from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have a good internet connection. Each class is focused on full body with a balance of cardio and weight training that will raise your pulse to the xtreme. Classes are 30 minutes long with an optional 10-to-15-minute bonus challenge. You can choose to do 30 minutes or stay on for the bonus challenge. Choose from over 50 live classes a month.

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