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Oksana Tanasiv Gallery

Oksana Tanasiv Gallery is a space-studio of contemporary art, presenting carefully selected collections in exceptional quality, unique author's techniques and multiple styles: pop-art, conceptual surrealism, geometrical abstract, realism and more. Whether you are trying to convey a specific feeling of the warmth of a special moment, the gallery will translate your requests into a one-of-a-kind aesthetic contemporary piece that you will be proud to own. About the Owner of Gallery: -Exhibitor of national and international art fairs, galleries’ exhibitions, events: Aqua Miami 2019, Market Art+Design Hampton 2018, ArtExpo NYC 2012, 2013, 2014, Art Santa Fe 2010, - multiple solo and group exhibitions in Connecticut , and NYC area. Creator of more than 300 collections in neo-folk, realistic, surrealistic, pop-art; Experimenter with multiple techniques (crystals mosaic, oil stitching, collage ) and many media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, gold and silver leaf, epoxy, Swarovski® crystals, fabric, sequences, beads, paper collage. Founder of Conceptual collection Dollar Art featuring social, political, and economical issues. Collaborator with galleries in NYC, Europe, Miami: Art Central Galleria ( NYC), Big Art Now (Palm Beach, Miami), Flat Space Art (London, UK) Exhibitor at the Casa Museu Medeiros e Almeida (Lisbon, Portugal), Ukrainian Art Museum and Library of Stamford, MORA Museum (Jersey City) Since 2012 , every season featured artist of New York City Fashion Week, presenting fashion fine art series to the visitors at the iconic places of NYC, Times Square Manhattan (Crown Plaza), Waldorf Astoria, New Yorker Hotel. Art by Oksana Tanasiv belongs to the private collections worldwide.

Contact Information

70 South Main Street, Norwalk, Connecticut 06854