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Mad Lab

The MAD lab is Norwalk’s creative hub, offering a unique physical & digital space where emerging artist(s) are able to exhibit work, collaborate with fellow creatives, connect with the global art market, and be provided the tools, resources, and mentorship to develop as a professional creator.

Through this space and colorful projects, we maintain our commitment to expand the MAD network of likeminded individuals who help and support the growth of one another. Our GOAL is to transform Connecticut into the Art Capital of the World by advocating freedom of expression, individual empowerment, and collective elevation.

MAD has a passion for the creative process. Since opening our doors in 2018, our Mission is to support you as a Creator and Visionary during the ideation, planning and the execution stages of your Creative Project. With the sole purpose of meeting or surpassing your artistic and professional goals.

Contact Information

22 Leonard Street, Norwalk, Connecticut 06850