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Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Make a good impression! Have you ever been curious about printmaking? And, just what is printmaking? This artistic practice transfers ink from a matrix onto material — typically paper — making multiple impressions of the same image. Matrices can be made of a variety of materials, such as wood, metal plates, linoleum, aluminum, or fabric. While there are different printmaking techniques (each having its own distinct characteristics), the end result is the ability to make several impressions of a single image. The Center for Contemporary Printmaking aims to provide visitors with the opportunity to not only look at stunning prints, but to learn more about how they’re made.

Our facility includes an exhibition gallery, printmaking studios, and a resource center dedicated to supporting, preserving and advancing the art of original prints, both traditional and contemporary. Founded in 1995, our non-profit organization is located in an historic landmark 19th-century stone carriage house. An architectural gem transformed into an important art resource, it is the only center of its kind between New York and Boston. Pricing: Free exhibition entry. Gallery and Studio Hours: Tuesday–Saturday: 9am–5pm; Sunday 12pm–5pm; Closed on Mondays.

Contact Information

299 West Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06850