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Blue Cactus Grill

Blue Cactus Grill

The chef and owner is a 20-year resident in each of Fairfield County and Tucson, Arizona with over 25 years in the food and hospitality industry. He has owned and operated a variety of restaurants ranging from full service Italian restaurants to piano bars and café’s. Therefore Blue Cactus Grill’s ability to offer you a variety of foods for catering and special events is endless. Our vibrant flavors and prompt service ensures a remarkable dining experience. "I doubt anyone will be disappointed by anything at Blue Cactus Grill,"" - Food Dudes "Blue Cactus Grill features the most diverse menu of delicious entrees & side dishes that I’ve tasted since moving to Norwalk from New York City." - Urbanspoon "Let me just put it this way. My wife and I have eaten at Blue Cactus Grill several times. I have had the Blue Cactus Burger and my wife has had Cheesesteak. Neither of us would share even one bite with the other and we have been married for 35 years! Too good to share." - Yelp

Contact Information

51 Stevens Street, Norwalk, Connecticut 06850