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Travel Back in Maritime

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk’s summer exhibit, highlights modern-day descendants of ancient species that can still be found swimming in Long Island Sound and underwater giants that went extinct with the dinosaurs. When guests enter The Hall of Extinct Ocean Predators, they will spot a 30-foot mosasaur floating above their heads. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to stand in the jaws of a megalodon and see an ichthyosaur fossil from the Jurassic period. As guests move through the Aquarium, they will discover the species in Long Island Sound’s family lines date back much further than they may have thought. From Earth’s earliest lifeforms to creatures that have adapted to drastically different sizes, the Aquarium is full of modern-day descendants of ancient species that guests can touch. Young archeologists can put their skills to the test in the Fossil Dig next to Sea & Discover Zone, where they can unearth fish, horseshoe crab, and plesiosaur fossils. Guests can see these fossils come to life when they purchase tickets to “Sea Monsters 4-D: A Prehistoric Adventure,” which will take them 82 million years in the past to some of the most dangerous seas in history, and “Dinosaur Safari Adventure,” a thrilling virtual reality experience. The new exhibit, Travel Back in Maritime, will be open through September. To purchase tickets, visit

Located at 10 N. Water St. in the SoNo neighborhood, with easy parking in the Maritime Garage.